Adventist University of Africa Fee Structure 2022/2023

The Adventist University of Africa Fee Structure 2022/2023 – Undergraduate and Postgraduate Fee Structure.

The Management of Pan Africa Christian University has released the 2022/2023 fee structure for all the courses/programs offered at the institution for 2022/2023.

Because AUA was established as a vehicle to serve part-time students across the African continent, the tuition fees have historically been set based on the country where the student is
working, while others are set, and others (such as food and lodging) depend on the campus where the student is studying.

When setting the fees on a country-by-country basis, the factor that is used is 100% of the wage for the Seventh-day Adventist minister in each country(also called the Wage Factor, or WF for short). AUA receives a significant financial subsidy from the Seventh-day Adventist church, and as such offers discounts to church employees.

All master’s level credits—church employees 15% of the WF/credit
All master’s level credits—others 18% of the WF/credit
Doctor of Ministry (DMin) US$220 per credit
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) US$225 per credit
Some AUA fees are per session, and others are typically once per program. Other fees are only payable when a student has a specific need.
Per Session fees (to be paid annually) Amount
Conference & Research US$50
Exam Fees US$20
Lab Fees (for MSc in Comp Science) US$100
Masters Defence Fees US$100
Registration Fee US$75
ICT Fee US$100
Library fee—Master’s programmes US$100
Library fee—Doctoral programmes US$125
Doctorate Project Fee US$400
One—time fees
Application Fee US$60
Master’s Project Fee US$500
Graduation Fee US$500
Other fees and charges
Books (average per class) US$100
Challenge examination 30% of the tuition credits
Audit credits 50% of the value of tuition
Please note that charges for the Student Visa vary by location and the passport country of the student.

Please contact the Registrar’s office for current details.
Tuition and Fee Adjustments Students who withdraw from a class within the first 15% of the contact hours, or before 2 weeks
after the beginning of the academic period during which they were to complete an independent study are eligible to receive full tuition and fees for the class(es) withdrawn from. When a student registers for a class as Audit, the tuition rate for that class is 50% of the regular rate, but all other fees apply.

Students studying at AUA typically travel to one of the campuses for the yearly session and may have a variety of options, depending on the location. Due to the wide variability in costs, the Registrar’s office will provide every student with an updated price list for that year and location.

Due to the wide variability of accommodation on meal costs (see above), we only provide estimates for the academic costs.

Academic Budget for One Year (12 credits)
Master’s Doctoral
Tuition 18% of WF $2700
Research Conference $50 $50
Registration $75 $75
ICT Fee $100 $100
Library Fee $100 $125
Books $400 $400
Exam Fees $20 $20
Project Fee $400
Total $745 $3,870
+ 18% of WF * No. of Credits

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