Aemo Forecasting Portal

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AEMO – Australian Energy Market Operator NATIONAL ELECTRICITY & GAS FORECASTING. Home; Electricity. Annual Consumption · Maximum Demand …

2. AEMO | NEM forecasting and planning

AEMO’s forecasting and planning publications and reports, data and interactive maps for the National Electricity Market (NEM).

3. AEMO | NEM electricity demand forecasts

AEMO’s electricity consumption and demand forecasts for the National Electricity Market (NEM) from 2012 to 2018. … Forecasting data portal. Since 2015 …

4. AEMO | Forecasting and planning data

Interactive maps, graphs and data that supports AEMO’s forecasting and … It also includes links to an interactive map and AEMO’s Forecasting Data Portal.

5. AEMO | Gas forecasting and planning

AEMO’s forecasting and planning reports for the gas industry, including the Western Australian … Download the guide to using AEMO’s Forecasting Data Portal …

6. AEMO | Operational forecasting

Forecasting information to support day-to-day operations in the National Electricity Market (NEM), including solar and wind energy forecasts.

7. AEMO | Forecasting and reliability

Key forecasting reports relating to reliability in the National Electricity Market (NEM), including the Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO).

8. AEMO | Forecasting and planning methodologies and …

Guidelines relating to forecasting and planning in the National Electricity Market (NEM), including demand side participation information.

9. AEMO | Forecasting Accuracy Reporting

Forecasting Accuracy Reporting. AEMO is required under clause 3.13.3A(h) of the National Electricity Rules to prepare and publish information related to the …

10. AEMO | Forecasting approach

Access Market Portals. The following portals are for … The Forecasting Approach encompasses the breadth and depth of AEMO’s medium and long term electricity forecasting for the NEM. This Forecasting Approach web page …

11. AEMO | Planning and forecasting

Planning and forecasting · Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) Electricity Statement of Opportunities · South West Interconnected System Electricity Demand …

12. AEMO | NEM Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO)

In the 2020 ESOO AEMO forecast a 154 MW reliability gap in New South Wales in 2023-24. … Guide to using the Forecasting Data Portal. 910.95 KB …


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