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Aircraft Towing Operator Job at Amref…See Details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Amref.

  • Aircraft Towing Operator

1. Aircraft Towing:

  • Conducting an operational inspection of the tow tractor and tow bar ensuring all equipment used has a serviceable tag and is valid before every use.
  • Performing towing tasks as per the directive of the Operations duty Officer/Flight Crew/Maintenance Perform safe maneuvering of aircraft inside/outside hangar.
  • Monitor radio communication towing request instruction as by the Operations duty Officer/Flight Crew/Maintenance.
  • Communicate and monitor ATC/Ground Control radio communication during all aircraft towing activities.
  • Clean and return tow bars to their designated storage area after use.

2. Adhering to Safety Regulations and Standards:

  • Complying with the company’s towing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at all times and safety regulation standards of KCARS, KAA and IATA.
  • Timely reporting of any hazards, incidents or unusual state of the aircraft and equipment under your responsibility to your supervisor or Head of Safety.

3. Aircraft cleaning:

  • Cleaning the interior thoroughly using approved cleaning agents. Starting from cleaning the inside so that the aircraft is clean and ready for any mission.
  • Embarking on cleaning the outside of the aircraft using water and approved detergents to remove any stubborn stains.
  • Placing the oxygen pack back to the aircraft (I do not understand what you mean by oxygen pack).
  • Polishing the aircraft on a monthly basis; a schedule has been prepared to ensure work is done at the right time. Deice boots to be polished with shine master/other approved chemical every 3 weeks.
  • Assist in thoroughly cleaning a contaminated aircraft after disinfection in liaison with the Aeromedical team.


  • KCSE certificate or equivalent.
  • Certificate in Basic First Aid.
  • Certificate of good conduct.
  • Completion of ATC Radio communication training.
  • Certificate of aircraft towing.
  • Minimum 3 years’ consecutive work experience in towing operations.
  • Demonstrated record in towing of aircraft.
  • Good understanding of KAA regulations and Customs rules.
  • Knowledge in Basic First Aid.
  • Knowledge of Airside Driving.
  • Knowledge of Airside Safety Awareness.
  • Basic knowledge in ICT skills.
  • General aviation and aircraft knowledge.
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How to Apply

Application Deadline: 24th September 2021.

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