AVI Electronic Engineer Graduate Internships 2021

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Application for the AVI Electronic Engineer Graduate Internship – 2021 Entry is now open by AVI for all outstanding applicants.

South Africa Govt (www.gov.co.za) Vacancies - 2020 (Updated)

AVI is offering an Internship opportunity to unemployed and prospective graduates to apply in the fields that are in line with the Corporation’s core business. The Corporation is therefore inviting applications for the AVI Electronic Engineer Graduate Internship Programme that runs for a maximum period of 24 months in the following disciplines/fields of study.

The AVI Electronic Engineer Graduate Internship Programme uses a fully integrated approach that combines theory with practical training and leads to a recognized qualification/certification. AVI provides an internship opportunity in the following areas listed below: 

  • Electronic Engineer

This internship opportunity is situated at the following locations in South Africa:

  • Pretoria, Gauteng

Update: How to Apply for the 2021 AVI Finance Graduate Internship Programme 


What you will be doing:

  • Applying your understanding and gaining skills of core concepts of instrumentation, processes, networking, SCADA and PLC’s as well as automation and food processing.
  • Getting involved in various projects to gain an in-depth knowledge of plant; processing and packing equipment.
  • Working on all project stages from research and development to design, feasibility studies and preparing the scoping document for capital fund considerations.
  • Working closely with Engineering teams and selected suppliers (OEMs) during line installations, new commissions and handovers.
  • Identifying efficiency issues, and suggest functional solutions where possible.
  • Preparing project reports when required and apply technical writing skills.
  • Interacting with cross functions teams and participating in commercial discussions by sharing views and research.  

What you will need to be considered:


  • A BTech in Electronic Engineering  

Additional Requirements:

  • An ability to work proficiently on Excel
  • Vacation work or part-time work will be an advantage 

What makes you exceptional

  • Applying practical skills and logic when solving a problem
  • Focused on finding solutions to problems through data, analysis, and probing questions
  • Finding facts and applying logic
  • Following policies and procedures of the organisation in order to manage and mitigate risk
  • Being reliable and completing work within agreed timelines
  • Remaining calm and composed during stressful events
  • Always striving to achieve fantastic results by being determined and persisting through difficulties
  • Being focused on continuously improving things, identifying core issues to a problem


  • Step 1: Before you can apply for a position, please ensure that you meet all the above criteria.
  • Step 2: Once you have fulfilled step one, please click on the “Apply Now” button to register and apply.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve registered and applied, we’ll email you confirmation of receipt. Our Resourcing Team will then carefully assess your application and provide you with feedback every step of the way.

Application Deadline

  • Applications should reach the AVI team on time, at most 31 July 2021. As it is indicated for each position of interest above.
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