Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Scholarships for US. Students in USA – 2021/2022

Application for the Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Scholarships for US. Students in USA – 2021/2022. Entry is now open at the Benjamin Gordon in USA.

The Benjamin Gordon scholarship is a merit-based program for the most deserving students in the US. Students who are financially deprived or do not hail from wealthy families can apply for this application. The Benjamin Gordon will provide selected students financial support of a sum of $1,000 for the purpose of pursuing higher studies in any renowned universities or colleges across the United States.

Benjamin Gordon, with a kind heart, has come to the assistance of the poor students of the US who are financially deprived to offset the financial burden of the students, who have the skills to take advanced courses but do not have the money to fund their higher studies.

The Scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. The aim of the program is to create a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.


Scholars are selected on the following criteria:

  • Candidates from the United States of America are eligible.
  • All undergraduate courses are eligible under this application.
  • The students should currently be registered at one of the accredited and recognized American colleges or universities.
  • The students should be a sophomore, junior, or even freshman, as a currently registered graduate is sought-after.
  • Students must have a previous degree certificate with relevant marks.
  • The students are required to be proficient in the English language.


  • The Benjamin Gordon scholarship essay must be complete. And sent via email with an attached word document to [email protected]

Application must include:

  • All students must write an interesting essay of approximately, 700-850 words on the topic, “What is supply chain management? Explain its strategic importance with real-life data and examples.”
  • Only applications that have been submitted (with the International Office and registered on the website of the scholarship) before 31st December, 2021  will be considered.

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