Biography of Akrobeto & Net Worth 2021 Biography of Akrobeto & Net Worth 2021.

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Biography of Akrobeto & Net Worth 2021.

Akwasi Boadi (born 18 November 1962), known as Akrobeto, is a Ghanaian actor, comedian and TV presenter. He has been featured in over 100 Kumawood movies and is known by the size of his nose. Akwesi Boadi is known in the showbiz industry as Akrobeto (who ‘nose’ tomorrow).

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Early life

Akrobeto was born on 18 November 1962 at Ayirebi in the Ofoase Ayirebi constituency in the Eastern region of Ghana. He started his basic school education at Akyem Ayerebi L/A primary and middle school and completed it in the year 1979. Even though he could not pass his middle school education examination, his love for comedy and acting made him popular and loved by a lot in his community. He is the youngest among 11 children born by his parent of whom 10 are deceased. He couldn’t further his education.

Personal life

Akrobeto is married to Georgina Johnson and has 3 children.


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In March 2021, he emerged as the overall Entertainment Personality of the Year at the Entertainment Achievement Awards.

Akrobeto Net Worth

Akrobeto’s Net Worth is estimated to be $180,000.

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