Biography of Charles Gitonga Maina & Net Worth 2021 Biography of Charles Gitonga Maina & Net Worth 2021.


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Biography of Charles Gitonga Maina & Net Worth 2021.

Charles Gitonga Maina (born 1976) is a 6’10” Kenyan-born former actor and basketball player best known for his co-starring role in the 1994 film The Air Up There.

Early life

Charles Gitonga Maina was born in the Buruburu neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya. His father was an auditor with a telecommunications firm and his mother was a nurse. Maina is the third of four children and belongs to the Kikuyu ethnic group. At the age of 14, he learned to play basketball playing barefoot with friends on a dirt court. In 1991, Maina won the 1991 Nairobi Slam Dunk Championship. Although he originally wanted to study computers and business at the University of Nairobi, Maina decided to pursue basketball instead.

Later years

After returning to Kenya, Maina moved back with his parents to Buruburu. In March 2003, he was assaulted by two men on the street who stabbed and hit him with a stone. Maina recovered, after spending three weeks in a hospital with a broken jaw and other injuries. Several years later, he also contracted tuberculosis, which led him to bouts of depression. As of 2016, Maina still lived in the area.

Charles Gitonga Maina Net Worth

We estimate that Charles Gitonga Maina has a current net worth of $763,000 largely based on the estimated salary and income of $259,700 earned as an actor.

Net Worth History:


Salary, Income & Earnings History:


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