Biography of Jabali Afrika & Net Worth 2021 Biography of Jabali Afrika & Net Worth 2021.

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Biography of Jabali Afrika & Net Worth 2021.

Jabali Afrika is a band formed in Nairobi, Kenya by former members of the Kenyan National Theatre. The band was founded by brothers Justo and Joseck Asikoye, with Dumisizwe Bhembe and Victor Elolo, joining the band later. The band is known for its fusion of rock, reggae, and African percussion.

Early Life

Jabali Afrika began in the early ’90s, composed of dancers, singers, and drummers from the Kenyan National Theatre. The band chose its name from the Kiswahili word for “rock,” Jabali, and included Afrika as a reminder of its heritage. Initially performing traditional Kenyan songs, the group gained the attention of the Kenyan National Talent Search, leading to international tours organized by African Heritage. The band would soon arrive in the United States and based itself in the Pittsburgh region. In 1996, the band gained attention by appearing in an episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, performing the song “Tree, Tree, Tree”.


  • Journey (1996)
  • Remember the Past (1999)
  • Rootsganza (2001)
  • Mayosi (2005)
  • Rebellion 1963 To The Future (2014)
  • Nakumbuka (2017)
  • Hesabu Moja Mbili (2017)
  • Unified: Un Ultimo Ulimwengu (2020)
  • Khusaire (2020)

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