Business Official Job at I Choose Life – Africa

Business Official Job at I Choose Life – Africa… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at I Choose Life – Africa.

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  • Oversee project operations, including human resources, logistics, procurement, and accounting/finance.
  • Develop financial risk management and control strategies and review and approve financial planning and control recommendations.
  • Provide leadership and oversight for financial reporting for annual budget planning, audit reviews, and assessments processes.
  • Prepare financial guidance to financial staff in field offices through memos, updates to policies, and procedure manuals.
  • Develop and implement effective and efficient business processes and procedures.
  • Develop and manage internal financial audits
  • Develop formal reporting system to communicate results of audit activities to management
  • Liaise with the donor program finance and management team
  • Lead the creation of regular financial tracking reports to monitor project spending against the approved budget
  • Lead the preparation of project budgets
  • Monitor time spent by project staff and advise the technical leads if time is not being charged and spent according to the approved project budget
  • Responsible for the development of policies, systems, special financial studies, etc.
  • Advise project staff on USG/CDC requirements and provide training on financial management, record-keeping, operational systems, and policies as needed
  • Accountable for procurement procedures ensuring all required supporting documentation and approvals within agreed-upon thresholds
  • Provide strategic leadership to financial staff in a regional or HQ office
  • Engage in the more critical and confidential aspects of financial analysis
  • Provide recommendations and consults with management on financial performance and enterprise risk management
  • Develop and implement process improvement plans to ensure the project financial controls and operational procedures
  • Keep abreast with the latest trends in financial accounting and mentors’ staff
  • Develop the capacity of team performance and drive for excellence


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance Administration or similar field
  • Minimum 8 years of professional experience providing accounting and financial management services
  • Experience completing a variety of financial tasks by establishing priorities and working in a fast-paced office environment, under pressure, and against numerous deadlines
  • Impeccable business ethics, including the protection of confidential information
  • Comprehensive knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures with accounting, financial controls, and financial information systems
  • Significant experience with automated financial reporting, government accounting practices, and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
  • Full knowledge and experience with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) practices and reporting guidelines
  • Must have excellent organizational, supervisory, leadership, and managerial skills
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook)
  • Strong English is written, oral, and presentation skills

How to Apply

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