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1. Get Mixed Reality Portal – Microsoft Store

Get Mixed Reality Portal - Microsoft Store
Mixed Reality Portal … Discover Windows Mixed Reality and dive into more than 3,000 games and VR experiences from Steam®VR and Microsoft …

2. Install Windows Mixed Reality software – Enthusiast Guide | Microsoft Docs


Launch Mixed Reality Portal · Display a livestream of the view in your headset (Windows Mixed Reality Ultra only) by selecting “Stop preview” or ” …

3. Windows 10 apps: Which are worth keeping? Which ones should you dump? 15 – Page 15 | ZDNet


The Mixed Reality Portal app is safe for ordinary mortals to remove. Do you have a mixed reality headset and motion controller and a very …

4. Windows Mixed Reality – Wikipedia


Microsoft Corporation

5. Windows 10 Tip: 10 things you can do in Windows Mixed Reality right now | Windows Experience Blog


Use the Mixed Reality Portal to share the fun with friends. From your compatible PC, select the Play button to show the view from your headset …

6. What Is Mixed Reality on Windows 10, and Should You Buy a Headset? – How-To Geek


“Mixed Reality” is the new name for “Windows Holographic”, a Microsoft platform that will power a wide range of different headsets, including …

7. What is Windows Mixed Reality? – The Verge


So, Mixed Reality is essentially virtual reality for Microsoft, for now. Microsoft has picked that name because it eventually wants to blend the best …

8. What is Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal? | Catchar


The Mixed Reality Portal is software works based on Microsoft Windows. This software allows simulating Mixed Reality experience directly on …

9. Closing the Windows Mixed Reality Portal : WindowsMR – Reddit

Closing the Windows Mixed Reality Portal from WindowsMR

I just got a HP VR1000 on sale. When running the headset with Mixed Reality Portal open, is there any way to close Mixed Reality Portal from the …

10. Mixed Reality Portal Immediately crashing/closing. Any Help? : WindowsMR – Reddit

Mixed Reality Portal Immediately crashing/closing. Any Help? from WindowsMR

For approx. a month now I have not been able to open up my mixed reality portal and as such have not been able to use VR. I am at a loss since I …

11. Install or Uninstall Windows Mixed Reality – Samsung


If you have a recently updated Windows 10 computer, the Mixed Reality Portal should already be on it. However, you need certain updates and software before it …

12. Augmented Reality Portal – VISUALISE

Augmented Reality Portal

Augmented Reality Portal. Visualise has been developing a number of augmented reality ‘portal’ apps for clients. These allow people to hold up their phone, …

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