Accessing the Daystar eLearning Portal

Daystar University has introduced a Learning Management System (LMS) called the Daystar eLearning Portal to enhance the learning experience for students. The LMS allows students to attend classes, access lecture notes, and submit assignments online. In addition, the platform provides lecturers with the ability to upload course materials such as course outlines, lecture notes, recommended reading books, videos, and forums. The article also provides step-by-step instructions for accessing and enrolling in the LMS. The university will be releasing video tutorials to further assist lecturers in utilizing the platform.

This article contains information on how to gain access to the Daystar eLearning Portal also known as e Learning Management System (LMS).

The Daystar University has adopted a Learning Management System (LMS) to improve learning processes for its students. With this system, students can attend classes online, access lecture notes, and submit assignments anywhere and anytime.

This Daystar eLearning platform enables lecturers to upload their courses and course materials, such as course outlines, lecture notes, recommended reading materials, videos, and forums. This allows students to easily access these resources for their academic work. Video tutorials will also be available to help lecturers upload their courses.


Follow the steps below to enrol in the LMS:

  1. Open your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).
  2. Go to the Daystar eLearning Portal.
  3. Select “Log in”.
  4. Once logged in, scroll down the page to Course Categories and select your School.
  5. Choose your course or check for your course in your department.
  6. You will then see the content for your course.
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