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1. How do I view my graded rubric in Blackboard? – Quick Answers

How do I view my graded rubric in Blackboard? - Quick Answers

2. How Students View Rubrics – USC Blackboard Help

How Students View Rubrics

1. Students will access graded rubrics from their ‘My Grades’ tool in the course. When in the tool, they will be able to click on the ‘ …

3. Rubrics | Blackboard Help


In the Additional Tools section, select Add grading rubric to view existing rubrics. Rubrics appear in alphabetical order.

4. Grade with Rubrics | Blackboard Help


On the student’s submission page, the grade pill displays a rubric icon. Select the grade pill to open the rubric in a panel …

5. Blackboard Rubrics Quick Guide


Optionally, edit the Rubric Grid (see below). 7. Click Submit … Blackboard Rubrics default to three rows and three columns with pre-set.

6. Blackboard: Allow Students to See Grading Rubric – Teaching …

Blackboard: Allow Students to See Grading Rubric

Blackboard: Allow Students to See Grading Rubric · No does not allow students to view the rubric at any time. · Yes (With Rubric Scores) allows …

7. Grading a Blackboard Assignment Using a Rubric – Sites


You will now see the raw score added to the student’s attempt grade after entering the rubric grades. Attempt: The grade from the rubric grading …

8. Creating an Interactive Rubric in Blackboard – Sites


You will now see a screen labeled Rubrics. At the top of the screen, click on the Create Rubric button. Setting up the Rubric Information.

9. Blackboard Rubrics – CSUSB


You must select the Show Criteria Weight check box for Balance Weights to appear. The total weight for all criteria must equal 100%. No row may have a 0% weight …

10. Blackboard Assignment: Attach a rubric – Sites – University of …

Blackboard Assignment: Attach a rubric

On the right hand side, Show Rubric to Students has four options for rubric visibility from the drop down menu: No: Students can’t view the …

11. Blackboard – Rubric Tool – UVM Knowledge Base

Blackboard – Rubric Tool

To view the rubric, you’ll next have to import it to Blackboard. To do this go to your course Control Panel > Course Tools > Rubrics > and …



USING RUBRICS IN BLACKBOARD … Students must be able to view the rubric to see any instructor comments that are left during grading.

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