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Chances are you’ve seen this trendy new men’s hairstyle popping up all over – the fluffy, messy textured top contrasting sharply with closely faded sides. It’s called the Edgar cut, and it’s become the coolest fade haircut for men who want an eye-catching, modern look. Where did this popular style come from and how did it get its name? What sets the Edgar fade apart and what are the key features that define it? Most importantly, who can pull off this cut and how do you actually style it? This article has all the details you need on the Edgar haircut for men.

The Origins: Honoring Baseball Star Edgar Martínez

While exploding in popularity recently, the Edgar cut actually traces its origins back to legendary Puerto Rican baseball player Edgar Martínez. He sported a very similar faded hairstyle with textured top and closely cut sides during his long career with the Seattle Mariners. The name “Edgar cut” is a tribute to Martínez that acknowledges his influence in making this fade haircut for men famous. It was his natural wavy hair texture and skilled barbers that shaped his distinctive look. Of course, modern variations have taken the Edgar cut to new extremes when it comes to exaggerated fades, messier textures and sharper contrasts. But Martínez set an early example of how eye-catching a faded cut could look.

Defining Features: What Makes the Edgar Cut Unique

Several key qualities set today’s Edgar fade apart from other men’s hairstyles: •    Longer hair on top (around 2-5 inches), textured with layers for movement •    Closely tapered or faded sides and back blended very short near the skin •    Abrupt transition between the longer strands up top and nearly-shaved sides •    Added height and a rounded shape achieved through proper styling It’s this extreme juxtaposition of longer and shorter sections – coupled with the perfectly messy texture – that creates the Edgar’s signature look. The longer top allows you to style some height and shape, often in a fluffy cone-like silhouette. Meanwhile, tight fades on the sides gracefully transition from skin to stubble to the longer hair on top. This extreme variance makes the Edgar cut stand out.

Taper vs Fade: Choosing the Right Edgar Cut

When getting an Edgar cut, you’ll also need to decide between a taper or fade. Your barber essentially “fades” the hair on your sides and back down close to the skin. But there are a few types of fades to consider: •    A low taper fade leaves slightly more hair towards the parietal ridge and crown for a subtle look. •    A mid taper fade lands right above the ears, amping up the drama. •    A high taper fade enhances the contrast even more by “fading” hair nearest the longer sections on top. So in choosing a taper fade vs regular fade, it comes down to your preferred level of distinction between the hair lengths. A skilled barber can adapt the Edgar cut to work with any option.

Who Can Pull Off the Edgar Cut?

When it comes to modern Edgar haircut styles, not every guy can pull them off. Because it relies so heavily on messy texture and added volume, you’ll want to consider a few factors first:

Face Shape

Wider face shapes nicely balance the Edgar’s full, rounded silhouette on top. Heart-shaped faces also suit the exaggerated style well. Meanwhile, longer narrow faces may overwhelm with too much height up top.

Hair Type

Texture is key to achieving this cut’s fluffy, piecey look. So men with thick, straight, wavy or curly hair types tend to have an easier time accomplishing the messy textured top.

Hair Density

You need ample strands with some density and ability to build volume on top. Thin hair often can’t achieve the properly disheveled shape that defines Edgar cuts.

Confidence Level

A bit of natural confidence and style goes a long way. The edgier Edgar fade certainly draws attention, so wearing it proudly boosts appeal. The right barber can adapt Edgar cuts to work for all guys. But these factors impact how seamlessly you’ll pull off the dimensional shapes that make Edgar fades distinct.

How to Style Your Edgar Haircut

Of course, a good Edgar cut demands proper styling to look its best. Follow these tips: 1. Shampoo hair with a volumizing formula made for thicker hair types. This boosts fullness. 2. Apply mousse into damp hair. Style locks using a round brush for maximum height as hair dries. 3. Work a small amount of high hold pomade, wax or clay evenly through dry hair, especially the ends and top layers. 4. Use your fingers to messily texture locks. Lift and arrange longer layers on top into a fluffy rounded shape. 5. Re-detail your fade’s crisp lines along the sides and back with trimmers as needed. Proper home styling maintains the Edgar cut’s volume and texture between barbershop visits. Be sure to schedule tightening up fades every 2-3 weeks as well.

Edgar Cut Variations for Different Hair Types

The versatility of the Edgar fade allows for unique variations based on hair textures:

Edgy Edgar for Straight Hair

The disconnected undercut shape of Edgar cuts lends itself perfectly to accentuating straight locks. Ask your barber to incorporate choppy layers and maybe a few face-framing pieces around the hairline if desired. This showcases the graphic nature of straight strands against faded sides.

Textured Edgar for Wavy Hair

Guys lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair can play this texture up in an Edgar cut. Embrace those waves with medium to longer layers on top styled with sea salt spray. Let waves air dry for extra volume and separation. Finger style for that perfectly imperfect tousled texture.

Voluminous Edgar for Curly Hair

Finally, men with coiled curls seem handmade for rocking a textured Edgar cut. Have your barber cut and taper longer layers on top to play up springy curls. Anti-frizz creams like curl milk or curl cream then define curls without stiffening. Finger styling again enhances the messy yet separated dimension.

Fluffy Edgar Cut for Thick Hair

Thicker hair types truly shine with Edgar faded cuts. Ask for shattered layers and texturizing during the cut to remove any bulk. This allows achieving serious height and movement. Work a dab of pomade evenly through locks. Then blow dry using a paddle brush, styling strands in different directions. The result? A flawlessly undone fluffy Edgar style. The key is finding an Edgar variation that flatters your natural hair texture best. A skilled barber tailors the cut and educates on products and styling for custom results. takuache tiktok low fade el paso edgar cut is a variation fluffy edgar haircut meme edgar cut meme hair style cool and edgy edgar haircuts edgy edgar haircuts for men edgar hairstyle known as the edgar cuh el paso professor edgar esteves named after edgar long edgar haircut curly fluffy edgar cut high fade drop fade face shape and hair type classic edgar cut hair types and face shapes fluffy messy edgar cut messy edgar cut taper long messy edgar cut messy takuache haircut fluffy takuache haircut

Edgar Cut Controversies and Chicano Culture

The exaggerated nature of the Edgar haircut lends itself to some controversy as well. For example, the style shares links to Los Angeles’ Mexican-American cholo subculture. Some mistakenly felt Edgar cuts indicated gang affiliations. However no legitimate evidence proves subjective taste in haircuts actually correlates with criminal intent. Still, the distinct vertical silhouette became a signature look among working-class Latino youth in LA. As the Edgar fade permeated pop culture, debates continued around wrinkling cultural identity with perceived rebellion or defiance. Questions swirled about whether the flashy taper represented resistance to assimilation or chasing superficial fads. Of course, most modern style icons now view Edgar cuts simply as eye-catching men’s hairstyles without restrictive cultural strings attached. Their popularity crosses ethnicities and backgrounds. In reality, Edgar fades encapsulate the current obsession with high-contrast doisconnected undercuts and complements modern men’s fashion perfectly. Regardless of origins, Edgar cuts now epitomize edgy style.


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Ask for an Edgar Cut at Your Next Appointment

Clearly the uniquely styled Edgar cut offers an option beyond most faded haircuts for men. With its textured crown and the extreme tapered sides, properly shaped Edgar fades turn heads. This modern cut flatters all face shapes and works with multiple hair types when adapted accordingly. It also infuses cultural influences for an intriguing backstory. Just be sure to specify exactly what you want to your barber. Simply asking for an “Edgar cut” may not be enough! Share photos and details like preferring a low vs high taper fade. Also discuss what finish and height you want for the longer top layers. This ensures the barber executes the Edgar cut properly. Then style fluffy texture and volume into your new tapered locks at home. With the right barber crafting the cut and go-to products boosting shape, Edgar haircuts offer high-fashion, high-drama appeal. It’s no wonder this trendy yet classic taper fade is taking over!



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