Food Safety Intern – Manufacturing at Java House

Food Safety Intern – Manufacturing at Java House… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Java House.

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  • Cooperates in a cross-functional manner as a change agent with all departments within the Commissary to ensure compliance with the local regulatory laws, licensing conditions and international standards in food safety.
  • Performs duty with minimum amount of supervision and is responsible for effectively planning his or her time during the shift
  • Ensure all production is being carried out in line with Quality Control, HACCP requirements, operating procedures including visual inspections audits, QC line checks as required.


  • Conducting daily hygiene inspection and sanitation (personal hygiene, working habits, environmental) conditions of all production, storage areas.
  • Manage and maintain food safety documentation and records. Ensure HACCP forms are available to the users, duly filled and are available during audits or when required.
  • Uses a series of tools (ingredient specifications, product recipes/formulas, product specifications, manufacturing procedures, sampling program, GMP requirements, in process analysis/records and devices to check process or product condition and compares to standard to compare actual versus tolerable limits.
  • Continuously monitor product quality at all stages of the raw material intake, packing, positive release and dispatch process.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the prerequisite programs at the workplace, food safety procedures and standards to ensure compliance.
  • Assist in quality assessment and evaluation during intake of products: Intaking products that are meeting quality standards and specifications.
  • Carry out random checks during dispatch of items to branched especially high-risk items and report any deficiencies for action.
  • Ensuring the quarantine of ingredients, products or a process should any such checks and measure yield out of limit results
  • Facilitate positive release of products into the market
  • Investigating customer complaints on Food Safety issues and taking part in the implementation of corrective actions.

Reporting and Evaluation

  • Escalates failed processes or products immediately to shift manager and quality supervisor on duty, citing details and reasons for such quarantine.
  • Assist the QA supervisor in investigating complains both food safety and quality related, coming up with a root cause and identify solutions and implement changes when monitoring systems indicate out of specifications, failed microbiological results & ensure corrective actions/preventive actions are enforced to prevent future re-occurrence.
  • Identify and make recommendations in areas for process improvement


  • Safety Administration
  • organizational skills
  • communication Skills
  • Analytic Problem Solving

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