Grade 12 NSC Past Papers [Nov 2011] PDF

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This article contains all the Grade 12 NSC November 2011 examination past papers for download in pdf format.

How to Pass Matric Examination in South Africa

This Grade 12 NSC November 2011 examination past papers are free for view and download in PDF at no cost. All you need to view them is an internet and PDF enabled device. If you get accustomed to the the exam past papers, you are o your way to success because there’s a 99% chance that the question will repeat itself in the forthcoming examination.


Grade 12 Past Papers [November 2011]

Download NSC past November 2011 examination papers for Grade 12 and pass your examination with flying colours. Select the subject and download past papers for free.

30. IsiNdebele

IsiNdebele FAL P1Download
IsiNdebele FAL P1 memoDownload
IsiNdebele FAL P2Download
IsiNdebele FAL P2 memoDownload
IsiNdebele FAL P3Download
IsiNdebele FAL P3 memoDownload
IsiNdebele HL P1Download
IsiNdebele HL P1 memoDownload
IsiNdebele HL P2Download
IsiNdebele HL P2 memoDownload
IsiNdebele HL P3Download
IsiNdebele HL P3 memoDownload
IsiNdebele SAL P1 (Mpumalanga)Download

32. IsiZulu

IsiZulu FAL P1Download
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Mpumalanga)Download
IsiZulu SAL P1 (KwaZulu Natal) memoDownload
IsiZulu SAL P1 (KwaZulu Natal)Download
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
IsiZulu HL P3 memoDownload
IsiZulu HL P3Download
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Mpumalanga) memoDownload
IsiZulu HL P2 memoDownload
IsiZulu HL P1 memoDownload
IsiZulu HL P1Download
IsiZulu FAL P3 memoDownload
IsiZulu FAL P3Download
IsiZulu FAL P2 memoDownload
IsiZulu FAL P2Download
IsiZulu FAL P1 memoDownload
IsiZulu HL P2Download
IsiZulu SAL P2Download

33. Sepedi

Sepedi FAL P1Download
Sepedi SAL P2Download
Sepedi SAL P1 memo (Limpopo)Download
Sepedi SAL P1 memo (Gauteng)Download
Sepedi SAL P1 (Limpopo)Download
Sepedi SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Sepedi HL P3 memoDownload
Sepedi HL P3Download
Sepedi SAL P2 memoDownload
Sepedi HL P2 memoDownload
Sepedi HL P1 memoDownload
Sepedi HL P1Download
Sepedi FAL P3 memoDownload
Sepedi FAL P3Download
Sepedi FAL P2 memoDownload
Sepedi FAL P2Download
Sepedi FAL P1 memoDownload
Sepedi HL P2Download
Sesotho SAL P2 memoDownload

34. Sesotho

35. Setswana

Setswana FAL P1Download
Setswana FAL P1 memoDownload
Setswana FAL P2Download
Setswana FAL P2 memoDownload
Setswana FAL P3Download
Setswana FAL P3 memoDownload
Setswana HL P1Download
Setswana HL P1 memoDownload
Setswana HL P2Download
Setswana HL P2 memoDownload
Setswana HL P3Download
Setswana HL P3 memoDownload

36. Siswati


Tshivenda FAL P1Download
Tshivenda FAL P1 memoDownload
Tshivenda FAL P2Download
Tshivenda FAL P2 memoDownload
Tshivenda FAL P3Download
Tshivenda FAL P3 memoDownload
Tshivenda HL P1Download
Tshivenda HL P1 MemoDownload
Tshivenda HL P2Download
Tshivenda HL P2 MemoDownload
Tshivenda HL P3Download
Tshivenda HL P3 memoDownload

38. Xitsonga

Xitsonga FAL P1Download
Xitsonga FAL P1 MemoDownload
Xitsonga FAL P2Download
Xitsonga FAL P2 MemoDownload
Xitsonga FAL P3Download
Xitsonga FAL P3 MemoDownload
Xitsonga HL P1Download
Xitsonga HL P1 MemoDownload
Xitsonga HL P2Download
Xitsonga HL P2 MemoDownload
Xitsonga HL P3Download
Xitsonga HL P3 MemoDownload

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