Kenya Defence Force (KDF) Salary Scale 2021 to 2022

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Are you planning to join the Kenya Defence Force? Do you have an idea about the monthly salary for each of the positions available in the Kenya Defence Force? Well, we have compiled the salary scale below; you are advised to check below to see the salary scale.

Kenya Defence Force (KDF) Salary Scale 2021 to 2022

No. Rank Pay per month Pay per year
1. Chief of Defence Forces Ksh 1,120,000 Ksh 13,440,000
8. Major Ksh 102,106 Ksh 1,225,272
7. Lieutenant- Colonel Ksh 130,735 Ksh 1,568,820
6. Colonel Ksh 153,317 Ksh 1,839,804
12. Private Ksh 19,941 Ksh 239,292
11. Lance Corporal Ksh 26,509 Ksh 318,108
10. Corporal Ksh 32,250 Ksh 387,000
5. Lieutenant-General Ksh 632,984 Ksh 7,595,808
9. Captain Ksh 73,182 Ksh 878,184
4. Commander of the Kenya Navy Ksh 902,432 Ksh 10,829,184
3. Commander of the Kenya Air Force Ksh 906,014 Ksh 10,872,168
2. Vice Chief of Defence Forces Ksh 927,500 Ksh 11,130,000


NOTE: The Commission reserve the right to make changes to this salary scale at any time, therefore, you’re advised to contact the commission for an updated salary scale.

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