List of Driving Schools in South Africa – 2021

This article contains a List of Driving Schools in South Africa for 2021

Driving is one vital expertise each individual ought to acquire. Not having an individual vehicle to learn with, quit being a reason for not learning quite some time ago because of the presence of driving schools. As such, individuals can without much of a stretch figure out how to drive in a driving school.
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Remembering this, underneath is the rundown of driving schools in South Africa;


  • A Plus Driving School
  • Active Driving School & Security Training
  • Alberton Driving School
  • Alpha Driving School, Capetown.
  • AMG Advanced Driving Academy
  • Amrisha Driving School
  • Angels Driving School
  • Beyonders Driving Academy Of South Africa
  • Bilkis Driving School
  • Brian’s Dynamic Driving School
  • CY Driving School
  • Drive Co Driving Academy Pty Ltd
  • Drivetech Driving School K53
  • Drivio Hatfield
  • Dees Driving School
  • Eazy-D Driving Academy
  • GP Driving School
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