Maasai Mara University 9th Graduation List – 2021

We are happy to present to you the Maasai Mara University, MMU 9th Graduation List – 2021. The Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the University Council, Management Board and Senate has released the names of successful graduands.

Kisii University, KSU 6th Graduation List: 2018

Therefore all successful graduands can check their names below or on the university website.


Maasai Mara University wishes to inform all prospective graduands for the 2020/2021 Academic year, parents/guardians, alumni and members of the public that the 8th Graduation Ceremony will be held virtually on Friday, 17th December, 2021 commencing at 9.00 am. The finer details including the list of graduands shall be communicated through the University website.

The graduation ceremony will be presided over by the University Chancellor and other councils who will award Diplomas and Certificates and confer Degrees.

Further information regarding preparations for the ceremony is detailed below:

Examination Results

The results of the examinations are available from the offices of the respective Deans of Faculties/Schools during working hours.

Clearance & Fees

Graduands are expected to complete outstanding fees. Those who will not have completed the fees by the given deadline will be EXCLUDED from the graduation list.

Graduands are advised to visit the University website to access the details of mandatory charges for the various categories including the Accounts to remit such payments that should be done.

Intent to Graduate

Graduands who have not submitted the Intent to Graduate forms are required to do so.

List of Graduands

The list will be posted as soon as it is approved. Continuously keep on confirming with your Department if you have met the Graduation Requirements.

Any potential graduand whose name is not on the list is expected to visit his/her School immediately.

Verification Of Academic Records And Order Of Names

Graduands must ensure that all courses taken in their program of study have been graded and passed and that there are no missing courses or grades.

Graduation Gowns

Graduation gowns will be available at the Main campus for graduands who wish to use them for their celebrations and commemoration. The collection schedule will be communicated through the website. Forms for hire of gowns can be downloaded from the University website . Graduation gowns should be returned latest by Friday, 14th January, 2022.  Those who fail to observe the deadline will be required to pay a penalty at the rate of Ksh. 1,000. (One Thousand shillings) per day, inclusive of weekends.


All graduands intending to participate in the ceremony must attend the rehearsal at the Graduation Pavilion on Thursday, 19′” December 2019 at 10.00 a.m., in full academic attire

Punctuality and invitation Card

During the hiring of the academic gown, each graduand will be given two (2) invitation cards for their guests. Any person without an invitation card will not be allowed to the Graduation Pavilion.

Graduands must take seats by 8.00 am and invited guests are expected to be seated by the same time.

Collection of Certificates

Certificates will be ready for collection from the University Examinations Office at the start of February, 2022. The specific dates will be communicated through the University website in January, 2022. Certificates not collected beyond a period of One (1) year after graduation will attract a storage fee of Ksh.10,000 (ten thousand  shillings) per year.

For any clarifications and more updates please visit the University website.

Congratulations to all the successful graduands that made it out of Maasai Mara University, MMU.

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