MOFCOM China Scholarships for International Students – 2021

The application for the Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) China Scholarships for the year 2021/2022 is now open for all international students in China.


Nedbank External Bursary

Nedbank External Bursary

We would like to inform you that applications for the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) Academic Education Programmes are now open.

MOFCOM offers one-year and two-year master’s programmes as well as three-year doctoral programmes. These programmes are fully conducted in English and target governmental officials, research fellows, and senior managerial personnel.

Degree Education Programs sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China is designed to foster high-end business officials and managerial personnel for the recipient countries, offering one-year and two-year master programs as well as three-year doctoral programs for the purpose of educating high-end and inter-disciplinary talent working in the applied fields of government, trade, foreign affairs, agriculture, technology, education, culture and health, building intellectual capacity and facilitating the economic and social development of the recipient countries. These programs provide assistance to governmental officials, research fellows, and senior managerial personnel on their master and doctor education in China, which are fully conducted in English. Admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree, relevant working experiences, and decent physical conditions, essential for the high-compact curriculum needed for the degrees. The programs are playing a more and more important role in stimulating economic cooperation between China and students’ home countries, which the host governments are attaching great attention to this program.



To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be a citizen of a developing country other than the People’s Republic of China, and under the age of 45;
  • be healthy physically and mentally with a physical examination report issued by a local public hospital, and not having any disease or situation listed below:
    • Diseases prohibited by Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Laws and Regulations
    • Other severe chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, diabetes; psychological diseases; or other infectious diseases which may harm public health
    • In recovery period after major surgery or acute disease attacks
    • Severe physically challenged
    • Pregnancy
  • with at least three years’ working experience, and be a bachelor’s degree holder when applying for master’s program; be a master’s degree holder when applying for doctoral program;
  • be incumbents with a relevant educational background or working experience to the applied program are preferred;
  • be public officials of division level and above (or corresponding level) in government sectors, or senior management staff of organizations and enterprises, or academic backbones of universities and research institutions;
  • be sufficient in English which meets the academic requirements of the program, be equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 and above level;
  • be with the potential of professional development, and is committed to promoting the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the host country and China;
  • be neither studying in China nor being admitted to other scholarship programs provided by Chinese government.



  • Application Form for MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program;
  • Ensure you have both submitted it online (visit, click “Scholarship Application for Students”) and printed the hard copy. For more application instructions, please check Attachment I;
  • Photocopy of highest diploma;
  • Photocopy of academic transcripts;
  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal, plus a resume including the educational background and working experience after high school;
  • Two recommendation letters, including one from current employer and one from academic perspective;
  • Photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form;
  • Photocopy of the English proficiency certificate;
  • Photocopy of a valid passport;
  • Non-criminal Record Report. The applicant shall submit a valid certificate of Non-Criminal Record issued by the local public security authority, usually issued within 6 months prior to the submission date of the application.


  • The applicants shall obtain the approval and recommendation from the relevant department of host country before applying for this scholarship. Afterwards, the applicants could submit application according to the requirements of above department.
  • For the applicants whose host government allows them to submit the application directly to the Embassy of China, please obtain the permission or recommendation letter from the host government which states that the applicant has been approved to study in China, and submit the original documents of the letter and other above mentioned application documents to the ECCO of Chinese Embassy in the host country. The scanned electronic edition of the documents is needed as well. For emails and addresses of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Offices, please visit
  • The responsible department of the host government shall submit a written request to the ECCO of Chinese Embassy for an official recommendation letter and clearly state:
    • Whether the applicant is willing to be considered for a similar program at other universities if the applied programs could not accept the applicant.
    • Other special requests if any.


  • All the documents to be submitted should be in Chinese or English. Otherwise, a notarized copy in Chinese or English is required.
  • An original copy of degrees, transcripts, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and language certificates must be presented for on-site verification.
  • Applicants will get back all the hard-copy materials, both original copies and photocopies from the ECCO of Chinese Embassy. If admitted, students must take the documents to China and submit them to the university for verification and archive.
  • Bringing spouse or other dependent for accompanying is not allowed during the students’ study in China. The scholarship will not provide any related cost;
  • No explanation will be given on the enrollment result.
  • Applications without the recommendation from the ECCO of Chinese Embassy will not be considered.

Instructions of the CSC Online Application System for MOFCOM Scholarship

  • Please carefully read the instructions before applying for the scholarship.
  • Step 1: Visit “CSC Study in China” website and click “Scholarship Application for Students” at
  • Register an account through [CREATE AN ACCOUNT]and login with your account.
  • Step 2Input Personal Details. Click “Edit Personal Details” and finish inputting personal details by filling in all the information, verifying and saving the information. After the completion of this section, return to the previous page by clicking “Finish” and start filling in your application information.
  • Step 3Select the correct “Program Category”.
  • Please select Program Category “Type A”. (Only for applicants of MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program)
  • Step 4: Input the correct Agency Number.
  • Your Agency Number is: 00010. (Only for applicants of MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program)
  • Program Categoryand Agency Number are directly matched, both are mandatory for online application. Scholarship receiving authorities (or application processing authorities) will inform the program category and agency number to candidates who are qualified for applying.
  • After inputting agency number, the matched agency name will automatically show on the page. As Program Categoryand Agency Number are directly matched, application processing authorities will not receive your online application if the program category or agency number are not correct.
  • Step 5: Input Application Information
  • Next, please move on to the section of “Language Proficiency and Study Plan” and upload “Supporting Documents” as requested, then click “Submit” to complete the application. Check each part of your application carefully before submission. Please make sure that all the information and uploaded documents are valid and accurate.
  • When applicants of “Type A” application choose the “Preferences of Institutes”, system will automatically match the available universities according to the selected “Student Category, Preferred teaching language and Major Applying for”. With any inquiry concerning the available majors of each university, please visit the following website.
  • “Catalog of Discipline Field, First-level Discipline, Specialty” is available from the “Help”, applicants could download the file to identify the relation between Discipline and Major.
  • Step 6Once submitted, amendment cannot be made on “Personal Details” and “Application Information”. Before the application being processed by the processing authorities, applicant can revoke the submitted application by clicking “Withdraw” and edit the application. After revoking the application, applicant must submit at second time after re-editing, or the application will not be processed. Once the application is processed, application cannot be revoked.
  • Step 7: Click” Print the Application Form” and download the form.
  • Step 8: Submit scholarship application under the requirements of the dispatching authorities (or application processing agency)

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