Mountains of the Moon University 13th Graduation List – 2021

We are happy to present to you the Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) 13th Graduation List – 2021 Updated. The Chancellor, Mountains of the Moon University (MMU), on behalf of the University Council, Management Board and Senate has released the names of successful graduands.


Therefore all successful graduands can check their names below or on the university website.


Mountains of the Moon University invites you to the Live Virtual 13th Graduation Ceremony on 25th June 2021 starting at 9:00am at Lake Saaka Main Campus –  Fort Portal Tourism City.

This follows the University Governing Council and Senate’s resolution to hold a scientific graduation ceremony in line with SOP guidelines.

  • Only 200 graduands will represent the graduands at the physical ceremony at Saaka Campus while the rest shall follow the function online via the University Social media platforms, selected Television stations and radios.
  • The University Top Management approved the following categories of graduands to attend the ceremony at Saaka Campus;
    • All Postgraduate students.
    • Bachelor of Science Nursing and Diploma Nursing students.
    • All first class degree students.
    • The 2019/2020 Guild Executive and the Speaker (19) Members
    • The 2019/2020 Class coordinators of Programs (46) Members
  • For the categories named above payment of graduation gown is mandatory whereas for the rest of the graduands the graduation gown is optional.
You are therefore invited to join the live broadcast  on MMU Social Media Platforms: #YouTube: #Facebook: #Twitter:
The Graduation Ceremony will also be live on some selected Television stations and radios.

The information regarding preparations for the ceremony is detailed below:

Examination Results

The results of the examinations are available from the offices of the respective Deans of Faculties/Schools during working hours.

List of Graduands

The list will be posted as soon as it is approved. Continuously keep on confirming with your Department if you have met the Graduation requirements.

Any potential graduand whose name is not on the list is expected to visit his/her School immediately. All students aspiring to graduate are requested to ensure that they meet the requirements for graduation.

Verification Of Academic Records And Order Of Names

All graduands are requested to verify their names. Any requests for changes in spelling and order of names should be done within this period at the respective campus admissions office. The Senate-approved graduands’ list will be posted above and on the University website.

Clearance & Fees

Kindly, follow the steps hereunder to ease your clearance process;
Step 1: Confirm your name on the graduation list at the notice board.
Step 2: Proceed to the bank and deposit the graduation fee.
Step 3: Present your bank slip to the Finance Revenue Section and obtain a receipt of Payment and a clearance form.
Step 4: Clear with all the departments indicated on your clearance form.
Step 5: Submit a fully stamped clearance form to the examination and Ceremonies section in order to access a clearance certificate.

NB. Clearance has started respond as quickly as possible to avoid last rush hours.

Certificate course 
(Virtual attendance)
(Physical Attendance)
 Graduation fee                           80,000                       80,000
 Certificate fee                           10,000                       10,000
 Convocation fee                           20,000                       20,000
 Transcript fee                           15,000                       15,000
 Graduation literature                           25,000                       25,000
 Graduation Gown                                    –                       35,000
 Total                        150,000                    185,000
Diploma Courses
(Virtual attendance)
(Physical Attendance)
 Graduation fee                           90,000                       90,000
 Certificate fee                           15,000                       15,000
 Convocation fee                           20,000                       20,000
 Transcript fee                           20,000                       20,000
 Graduation  literature                           25,000                       25,000
 Graduation Gown                                    –                       50,000
 Total                        170,000                    220,000
Bachelor course
AMOUNT-UGX(Virtual attendance )AMOUNT (UGX)(Physical Attendance)
 Graduation fee                        100,000                    100,000
 Certificate fee                           25,000                       25,000
 Convocation fee                           20,000                       20,000
 Transcript fee                           30,000                       30,000
 Graduation  literature                           25,000                       25,000
 Graduation Gown                                    –                       60,000
 Total                        200,000                    260,000
 Post grad./Masters course
 Graduation fee                     120,000
 Certificate fee                        50,000
 Convocation fee                        20,000
 Transcript fee                        55,000
 Graduation  literature                        25,000
 Graduation Gown                        80,000
 Total                     350,000

Academic Attire

Graduands are expected to be in full graduation attire graduation ceremonies. The graduation gowns will be hired and will be collected from the respective Deans of Schools at the Main Campus and from the Examination Offices in respective campuses during office hours.


On the graduation day, all graduands will participate in the graduands’ procession in order of their school at 7.00 a.m.

For any clarifications and more updates, please visit the University website.

Congratulations to all the successful graduands that made it out of Mountains of the Moon University.

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