Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) Fees Structure 2022/2023

Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) Fees Structure 2022/2023.

Fee Structure is a document that contains the schedule of tuition fees for the various Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificate, Diploma Courses offered in the institution and also MMU Scholarships, etc. The Structure below covers the 2022/2023 Academic Session. Students are hereby advised to confirm their tuition fees before proceeding to make payments.

NB: The fee schedule for every program is established by the Council of Governors and may be raised at the discretion of the Council should economic circumstances in Uganda change.

The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council and we will update it as soon as possible.


Course Code Course Name Tuition per Semester
MBA Master of Business Administration                        1,564,000
MPA Master of  Public Administration & Management                        1,564,000
MPH Master of Public Health                        1,845,750
MELPS Master of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies                        1,265,000
MSNR Master of Science in Natural Resource Management                        1,150,000
PGDHRM Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management                        1,300,000
PGDFM Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management                        1,495,000
PGDPAM Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration & Management                        1,495,000
PGDM&E Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation                        1,495,000
BBA  Bachelor of Business Administration                          1,358,000
BPAD  Bachelor of Public Administration                          1,196,000
BCD  Bachelor of  Community Development                          1,358,000
BA-ECON  Bachelor of arts in Economics                          1,196,000
BSM  Bachelors of science in midwifery                          1,932,000
BBDF  Bachelor of Banking & Development Finance                          1,358,000
BAG-B  Bachelors in agri-business                          1,104,000
BES  Bachelors of Environmental Science                          1,104,000
BS.AGRIC  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture                          1,104,000
BS. HORT  Bachelor of Science in Horticulture with Mgt & Entrepreneurship                          1,104,000
PH  Bachelor of Science in Public Health                          1,320,000
BSN  Bachelor of Science in Nursing                          1,820,000
BA’ED  Bachelor of Arts with Education                            966,000
BS’ ED  Bachelor of Science with Education                            966,000
BJMC  Bachelor of journalism and mass communication                          1,518,000
BED  Bachelor of  Education                            840,000
BCS  Bachelor of Computer Science                          1,518,000
BIT  Bachelor of Information Technology                          1,518,000
DBM  Diploma in Business Management                            386,000
DPAD  Diploma in Public Administration                            386,000
DMM  Diploma in Micro-finance Management                            386,000
DEI  Diploma in Entrepreneurship                            386,000
DFLOR  Diploma in Floriculture                            386,000
DTHT  Diploma in Travel, Hospitality & Tourism                            389,000
DN  Diploma in Nursing                            545,000
DEP  Diploma in Primary Education                            397,000
DCS  Diploma in Computer Science                            558,000
NB The above fees exclude functional fees

For Any Payments Onto the University Accounts Use:

  • Stanbic Bank USD($) Account No: 9030008174414
  • UBA Bank USD($) Account No: 0913000139
  • Stanbic Bank UGX(Shs) Account No: 9030005766329
  • Centenary Bank UGX(Shs) Account No: 5510400018
  • KCB Bank UGX(Shs) Account No: 2200700997
  • UBA Bank UGX(Shs) Account No: 0903000576

N.B: The Account Name for all the above-mentioned Accounts is Mountains of the Moon University

The MMU fee structure is always under review every session upon collection of admission letters IF admitted.


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