Notice To: Chalimbana University STP Students 2022

This notice is directed to Chalimbana University Students going for School Teaching Practice (STP).

The following are student cohorts going on STP:


  1.      BED Early Childhood Sept 2020 Intake
  2.      BED Primary Sept 2020 Intake
  3.      BED Secondary Sept 2020 Intake

You are expected to deposit K1,500,00 STP fee in the following bank account

Account Name: Distance Education

Bank Name: ZANACO

Branch: Lusaka Centre

Account Number: 0452874300117


  1.      BED Early Childhood April 2021 Intake
  2.      BBA April 2021 year three Intake
  3.      BED Primary 2020 and April 2021 Intakes
  4.      BED Secondary April 2020 and April 2021 Intakes year 3

You are expected to deposit K1,500,00 STP fee in the following bank accounts


Account Name: Chalimbana University

Account No. 0385815136013

Branch: Chongwe Branch


Bank Details

Account Name:        ChalimbanaUniversity Distance Education

Account Number:     0110270224016

Branch:                     Odys

Please download STP Information for STP introductory letter attached below.

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