NWU Exam Results Out 2021 | How to Check

We are happy to present to you the North-West University (NWU) Examination Results for 2021. It also contains the North-West University exam result portal. The management of the institution has released the results of the examination written in the year 2021.

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Examination results will not be provided to any student either verbally or telephonically. Students may, however, obtain results by means of:
  • Final examination results will be posted to all students. Please ensure that your postal details are correct.
  • Supplementary as well as final examination results will be published, at the campus of your registration, on official notice boards.
  • NWU’s electronic answering system, and
  • On NWU’s website.
The examination results of a student with any outstanding fees and/or library material will not be published before the outstanding amount has been paid in full or the library material has been returned. However, supplementary examination results will still be published whether there are outstanding fees or library material.

Therefore, all the students that partook in the examination can check their results below.


Kindly check the status of your exam result through the link below:

  1. The web address to use is: https://vssweb.nwu.ac.za/str-webclient/StudentWebCommand.do?sf=143401&lng=3#
  2. Enter your “student number” and your ITS PIN, then click on “Login” to view the available results.
  3. You can then view the status of your matric result.

Result Enquiry

All examination inquiries should be made at Student Services, on the campus of your registration, within thirty (30) days of the publication of the results. Applications submitted after the closing date will NOT be considered, unless the prescribe penalty fee for late application is paid.
The application is subjected to approval by the Registrar or his or her designate, based on the examination rules and regulations.

NOTE: A device with a web browser and active connection to the internet will be required to perform this task.

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