Officer In Charge of Navigation Watch Job at Kenya Railways

Officer In Charge of Navigation Watch Job at Kenya Railways… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Kenya Railways.

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  • lays the vessel’s routes on chart and mans the chart plotter
  • Keeps a log of nautical publication and equipment and instruments;
  • Prepares and keeps custody of voyage reports;
  • Maintains log of the ship’s medical chest;
  • Keeps a log of all life-saving and fire-fighting appliances on board;
  • Operates lifeboat during rescue operations and while abandoning ship;
  • Keeps navigational watch at sea and at anchor;
  • Operates mooring station during berthing and unberthing of the vessel;
  • Liaise with the chief officer and other deck crew to work on cargo on board the ship.
  • Complies with safety management system procedures while onboard the ship.
  • Identifies and reports non-conformities and near misses/hazardous occurrences as per procedures defined within the safety management system.
  • Participates in preparation of the vessel for classification and statutory surveys.
  • Keeps watch of mails during offloading and loading of mails.
  • Implements quality management system procedures during ship operation.


  • Form four certificates with good grades in Mathematics and Physics
  • Hold a certificate of competency as per the vessel’s minimum safe manning certificate.
  • STCW ’95 as amended in 2010 compliant.
  • Hold a tanker familiarization certificate of proficiency
  • Conversant with operations and management if bridge navigational equipment
  • Served as a 3rd officer or a 2nd officer for not less than 6 months.
  • Knowledge of working with/on cargo, their care and ship stability

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