Paglory University Admission Requirements

Paglory University Admission Requirements…Official Paglory University Admission Requirement.

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The management of Paglory University is pleased to announce the admission requirements for the various courses offered at Paglory University.

Prospective students can proceed to check Paglory University Admission Requirements below:


  • Entry requirement: 2-Year Diploma
  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Description: A bridging qualification, aimed at providing 2-year diploma holders access to the BTech study programme


  • Entry requirement: Grade 12
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Description: 4-year degree that provides the student with a solid foundation in management, leadership and strategic knowledge. Various electives provide for the opportunity to specialise in Economics, marketing and so forth


  • Entry requirement: Bachelor’s degree
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Description: A post-graduate qualification, aimed at providing the student with knowledge and know-how for managerial positions as well as entry into an academic career.


  • Entry requirement: Bachelor’s degree
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Description: A 2-year research degree programme with a limited amount of theory. The degree is suitable to students who wish to acquire sound research skills.


  • Entry requirement: A Master’s degree.
  • Duration: 2+ Years
  • Description: The Ph.D. The degree program is planned by the student with the advisor to develop the student’s ability to conduct research in a specialized field of science, such as business administration, law, education, and so forth.

Interested applicants for admission should visit the application portal to complete the online application or visit the institution’s website to download the application form.

For more information or inquiries, kindly contact the institution’s via the official website or leave us a comment using our comment box below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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