Prince Albert Municipality Bursary – 2022

The application for the Prince Albert Municipality Bursary for the scholarly year 2021/2022 is currently open by Ruler Albert Municipality for all South Africans in South Africa.
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It is intended for understudies that expect to, or are presently examining towards degree and confirmation programs that are adjusted to the accompanying recorded beneath: 
  • All Study programmes

Update: How to Apply for the 2022 NSFAS Bursary


Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are thus welcomed from understudies that are enrolled at tertiary establishments for monetary help towards additional investigations in the 2022 scholarly year.  Candidates should live inside the Sovereign Albert Metropolitan Region.
  • Bursaries will be apportioned towards the financing of scholarly program (enrolled subjects as it were).
  • Bursary will be for a time of one (1) year.
  • Bursary will be paid straightforwardly into the Ledger of the scholarly organization.
  • Understudies applying briefly bursary should submit scholarly consequences of earlier year with the application.


If interested Kindly application online Here.

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