Sales Administrator Job at Melvins Tea

Sales Administrator Job at Melvins Tea… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Melvins Tea.

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Order Processing: Verify the accuracy of orders to ensure the correct Quantity of products are invoiced and the validity of the LPOs.

  • a)  Receive and process purchase orders by printing them and keying them into the system.
  • b)  Contact customers by phone or email to answer queries and obtain missing information to ensure that maximum customer experience is offered.
  • c)  Maintain and update sales and customer records in order to track the progress of sales and customer service, also for informed decision making on the way forward in sales.

New Client account opening: Ensure that new accounts are opened speedily to maximise on sales by:

  • a)  Processing all documentation required for new account opening and seeking approval from relevant stakeholders.

Follow through– Consolidate sales-oriented feedback including from customer experience executive, and redirect to the relevant parties for closure

Administrative tasks: Support the Sales and Marketing team with other administrative tasks:

  • a)  Requisitioning for required products and samples, route fares, to ensure the team is well equipped with tools of trade.
  • b)  Gather information from the sales team e.g. stock availability in order to track our secondary sales/pull through from our customers to avoid overstocking our products.
  • c)  Escalate Sales and Marketing team’s complaints to management by giving reports and minutes of the meetings we set up for action to be taken.
  • d)  Plan meetings and executive travels for the sales team to facilitate their means of working, i.e. by requisitioning for night-outs and fares and follow up until they are sorted out.

Sales Production Link: Coordinate with production to give sales projection and distribution & logistics for finished goods ensure required product mix availability by updating on the sales projections for planning ahead


  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Work
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership Skills


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