Sorghum Trust Bursary 2022 | How to Apply

The application for the Sorghum Trust Scholarship for the academic year 2021/2022 is now open by Sorghum Trust for all South Africans in South Africa. 


The Sorghum Trust hereby invites all outstanding students to apply for the 2021/2022 Scholarship. It is meant for students that intend to, or are currently studying towards degree and diploma programmes that are aligned to the following listed below:

  • Non-core (Psychology, Dentistry, Botany, etc.) and core mining disciplines (Mining Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current ONLY), Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Survey, Extractive Metallurgy, Rock Engineering)

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  • Applicants must be South African citizens.
  • Applicants must be admitted to study fulltime with the institution of their choice.
  • Sorghum Trust scholarships are only awarded to Masters and Doctoral studies.
  • The field of study must be relevant to the South African sorghum industry.
  • The proposal for the dissertation/thesis must be approved by Sorghum before commencement with the studies.
    Upon application, Sorghum Trust requires:
  • Upon application, Sorghum Trust requires:
    • a) A completed application form,
    • b) A certified copy of a South African identity document/passport,
    • c) Updated curriculum vitae,
    • d) The latest academic transcript/record on an official letterhead,
    • e) Proof of registration and a fee statement (if available).
  • A formal scholarship agreement is to be concluded with Sorghum Trust should a scholarship be awarded.
  • A supervisor for the study programme must be designated by the University where the study will be undertaken and must be approved by Sorghum Trust. It is the responsibility of the Student to inform the Supervisor that he/she will be required to register with the particular Bursary Scheme on our website. The URL address thereof will be provided to the supervisor by the student.
  • Applicants will be expected to work in the South African sorghum industry for the same period for which a scholarship was awarded.
  • Annual scholarship amounts will be determined by Sorghum Trust each year.


  • This scholarship will ONLY fund applicants registered for Masters by Dissertation or Doctoral qualifications.
  • Only applicants who apply by the specified date, have completed the application form and submitted all necessary supporting documents will be considered.
  • Applications will not be processed unless the Legal Undertaking (Section E) on this Application form has been completed and signed by the applicant concerned.
  • Application for a scholarship does not obligate Sorghum Trust to award a student a scholarship, nor does it guarantee that any scholarships will be awarded.
  • Telephonic interviews with shortlisted applicants will be conducted.
  • Applicants will be notified of a successful outcome within 8 weeks of the closing date. Should applicants not receive correspondence from Sorghum Trust within 8 weeks from the closing date, applicants may accept that their application has been unsuccessful.
  • The Initial instalment of the scholarship is payable in January.
  • All scholarship awards are conditional upon receipt of a positive report from the student’s supervisor.
  • Applicants will be expected to submit a hard and soft copy of the completed thesis/dissertation on completion of their studies, which will be posted on relevant industry websites.


How to apply

Kindly visit the Sorghum Trust Scholarship application portal and fill in the required details as well as documents. Closing date for bursary application submissions is 30 September of every year.


  • Completed applications need to be submitted on or before 30 September 2021.

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