UFCE Admission Application Process 2022/2023

UFCE Admission Application Process 2022/2023 | University of the Foundation for Cross-cultural Education Admission Process is out.

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University of the Foundation for Cross-cultural Education invites suitably qualified applicants to apply for admission in the available courses. Below are the steps involved in the application.


1) Apply

Complete the application form below.

2) Acceptance

Wait for an email regarding your acceptance status.

3) Enrolment/Payment

Upon acceptance, you will receive information

4) Study

You will receive access to your course’s study materials.

  1. Gather and scan the following documents. You will upload them as part of the application process:
    • Certified copy of grade 12 certificate or equivalent
    • Certified copy of teaching qualification
    • Certified copies of any other tertiary qualification (if any)
    • Certified copy of proof of 2 years teaching experience (letter of employment, letter from employer, etc.)
  2. Complete the Views and Testimony document (click to download). You will upload this as part of the application form.
  3. Fill out the form below.


You must fill out the Enrolment for Modules form before each of your 6 modules.

After acceptance, students must enrol for each module. Be sure to enrol well before the cut-off date (see the prospectus or student handbook).

  1. Make your payment for the one module you are enrolling for.
  2. Complete the Enrolment for Module Form. You will upload your proof of payment.
  3. Once reviewed and approved, you will receive access to the module’s study materials.

Note: Enrolment for the first module closes on 11 June. Students will not receive access to course materials until a module’s fees are paid and the Enrolment for Module Form has been submitted and processed.

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