UG – Resettlement Expert Level 2 (N) at Church World Service

UG – Resettlement Expert Level 2 (N) at Church World Service… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at Church World Service.


Church World Service (CWS) was founded in 1946 and is a cooperative ministry of 37 Christian denominations and communions, providing sustainable self-help, development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance around the world. The CWS mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice at the national and international level through collaboration with partners abroad and in the US.


  • Travels on deployment to UNHCR offices on short notice, including refugee camps
  • Complete all duties in accordance with ARDU and UNHCR Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) including country-specific registration and resettlement guidelines of the deployment location
  • Makes assessments and contributes towards identifying resettlement cases, including case verification, and completing the UNHCR Resettlement Registration Form (RRF) for the identified cases in line with ARDU SOPs and guideline.
  • Completes RRF Review at UNHCR offices/ Hubs.
  • Processes cases which have been deferred by CWS RSC Africa based on case changes or concerns.
  • Supports/ trains Resettlement Expert Level 1 on Deferrals, RRF Writing, Level 3 Registration and Profiling when/ as required.
  • Available whilst on deployment to answer any specific technical questions raised by UNHCR or RSC Africa colleagues regarding USRAP processing.
  • Responsible for ensuring that ARDU staff resources such as Country of Origin Information, current practices and approaches in RRF writing/ review and Deferral processing are updated.
  • Participates in briefing deployees about the current refugee processing practices in the region they will be working in prior to start of their deployments.
  • In the field, undertakes additional work related duties as agreed upon by ARDU management in consultation with the UNHCR Supervisor and the ARDU deployee.
  • Submits regular reports to ARDU management in line with deployment goals and objectives and communicates challenges related to casework, logistics and relationship with partners to ARDU Management in a timely manner.
  • Actively participates as a member of the UNHCR team and complies with UNHCR’s security requirements.
  • Undertakes additional assigned duties while in the field or at the CWS RSC Africa office in Nairobi to support ARDU and RSC Africa, including administrative tasks.
  • Any other duties as assigned.



  • Five (5) years of work experience required
  • Eighteen months of related experience, including work outside of Uganda (e.g. refugee, development or humanitarian work, training and capacity building).
  • Previous or current experience with ARDU or other deployment schemes required.


  • Demonstrated knowledge of UNHCR/ USRAP resettlement processes.
  • Knowledge of international legal framework governing refugees, human rights/ human rights law preferred.
  • Excellent interviewing and counseling skills.
  • Excellent drafting, writing and analytical skills.
  • Excellent spoken and written English; secondary language skills such as French, Arabic and other African regional languages (other than Kiswahili) is preferred.
  • Previous assessment/ monitoring and evaluations skills preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal and diplomacy skills.
  • Strong computer skills, in particular with Microsoft Office applications. Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study, or four (4) years of related work experience in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Master’s degree in a related field of study (including international affairs, refugee law, human rights or social work) is preferred.

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